Ferriday High School School Improvement Plan Summary

Ferriday High School

School Improvement Plan Summary



Ferriday High School Improvement Plan was developed to address the school improvement problem-solving and planning process throughout the year and help identify and organize strategies and resources that will lead to increased student achievement and minimize disciplinary infractions at the school.  School improvement in very important to Ferriday High because it is a continuous process to ensure that ALL students are provided access, opportunity and support to achieve at high levels.

We are dedicated to planning with a purpose. Each line item of the School Improvement Plan is designed to yield positive results for our students. Ferriday has developed a Leadership and Data Analysis team that are focused on improving the culture and climate of the school as well as addressing trends and strategies that are currently being used to make improvements in the educational arena. In addition, the Data Analysis team analyzes and disaggregates testing and attendance data in an effort to improve the effectiveness of education in the classroom every day. Educators also provided multiple opportunities for professional development.

Parental involvement is key to the success of any school. For the 2021-2022 school year there are currently six parental involvement opportunities. These PI events include but are not limited to family orientation, test prep night(s) and literacy night. In addition, please ensure that all information is updated in JCampus to receive call outs and text updates from the school. Other forms of active and effective communication include but are not limited to the school marquee, FHS webpage and the FHS facebook. This is a reminder that teachers are available for scheduled conferences both in person and virtual.

In an effort to consistently and continuously improve the educational outcomes we will offer after school tutoring for end-of-course assessment, American College Test – ACT, WorkKeys and homework assistance. To ensure that our students probability for success is strengthened we will also purchase additional instructional materials for interventions, remediation and enrichment.

            Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) will also be utilized consistently across the board and implemented with fidelity and finesse to ensure better daily student outcomes in terms of behavioral infractions.