End of Year Exam Schedule: 5th period 5/12  6th/7th periods: 5/15 1st/2nd periods: 5/16 3rd/4th periods: 5/17 5/18 will be used for student makeup  Early Dismissal @ 12:30 5/16-18/2017

Ferriday High

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Progress Reports

All World Geography students received a Progress Report that reflected at least 6 assignments.

Quiz on Ch. 3 Weather and Climate

A test on Ch. 3 Sections 1-3 will be given on Tuesday September 13, 2016 for all World Geography classes.

Open Notebook Quiz

Open Notebook Quiz on Chapter 2 on Friday, Aug 26,2016. Students will be given the opportunity to use all notes that relate to Ch.2.

Assignments Due Week of August 22-26,16

Complete Daily Quiz 2.1 & 2.2
Main Idea Activity 2.1
Main Idea Activity 2.2 
Define Vocabulary Terms on page 38 in the textbook