UIR-D Training for Ferriday High School and Concordia Education Center Faculty/Staff

UIR-D Training for Ferriday High School and Concordia Education Center Faculty/Staff
11/16/2021, 7:42 AM 2:56 PM

Presentation Title: Cultural Awareness Training Series for Staff and Management
“Don’t Kick Them Out!” How to Manage and Address Behavior Problems

Suspension does not solve or correct negative student behavior! Educators need a different approach. This seminar will empower professional educators with the knowledge, information, and understanding they need to improve in-school disciplinary practices and correct negative behavior of at-risk students. This empowerment seminar will discuss:

• Why At-Risk Students Get Suspended So Frequently
• Anger Management: Why Some At-Risk Students Display Hostile and Angry Dispositions
• Common Behaviors for Referrals
• The Wrong Approach to Negative Behavior
• 7 Teacher Personality Types
• Why Do Students Disrespect Teachers
• 21 Dos and Don’ts for Solving Disruptive Classroom Behavior
• How to Communicate with At-Risk Students for Consistent Positive Behavioral Outcomes
• Methods of Successful Discipline with At-Risk Students
• What Is Ferriday High School Leader’s Role in the Discipline Process?

• How to Address Behavioral Issues of At-Risk Students This program consists of additional courses:

1. How Improve Student & Teachers Relationships
2. How to Improve Teamwork and Build a Team Culture in a Professional Staff

Objectives in this training program are:
• To help educators increase their understanding of cultural differences and diversity
• To help educators improve their communication and learning approaches to At-Risk students
• To reduce the incidence of behavioral suspension and expulsion
• To improve disciplinary and behavioral practices with At-Risk male students

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