Principal's Message

 Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

I would like to extend a warm welcome back to all students and parents. I hope that you and your child(ren) have experienced a restful summer and are ready to embark upon the journey of SUCCESS at Ferriday High School known as the “Trojan Movement.” We are planning to provide both you and your child(ren) with an educational experience that only others have imagined. Ferriday High School is the educational institution where everyone knows your name and the possibilities to achieve greatness are endless. Our students are privileged to be in a school with compassionate and dedicated staff whose focus is to Embrace, Nurture, Motivate, Accelerate, Educate, and Graduate every student. Our job exceeds the boundaries of teaching. We are dedicated to confirming that every student has a quality educational experience in a safe environment; therefore ensuring that they are college and career ready. This goal will be achieved by fostering a positive home-school relationship, increasing student achievement and building educator capacity.

As educators we are committed to keeping the vision as our focus. As visionary leaders, we will ensure that each student:

  1.       Clearly understands the learning standards and validate what they have learned.
  2.       Be provided real life experiences to extend their learning opportunities.
  3.       Will be afforded to opportunity to foster a beneficial and positive relationship with their teachers so they are willing to learn throughout the process of trial and error.

Contribute to your child’s educational experience by asking your child(ren):

  1.      What are you learning in school? Don’t forget to address each subject area. Require your child to demonstrate and model what he or she has learned.
  2.      How will you show that you have learned this? Have them to apply the concept and similar skills to everyday life.
  3.      What is the significance of learning this information?

Collectively, we will ensure our children are learning, growing and meeting high expectations at Ferriday High School. I am looking forward to seeing you and your child(ren) soon. I am excited about the pledge of increasing student achievement this new school year holds for our students, faculty/staff and stakeholders.

Thank you for supporting the “Trojan Movement”.  Together we will make the difference to obtain and sustain “SUCCESS FOR ALL” at Ferriday High School.

Educationally yours,


Kimberly M. Jackson, Principal

Ferriday High School